So Big Mountain House Opens in Whitestown, IN

If you have read on the About Us tab, you already know that Poppy and Plaid Boutique tithes off the profit of the business to the not-for-profit So Big. I want to share with you why.

I was barely twenty when I found out I was expecting my first child. I was overwhelmed with the fact that I very quickly needed to "grow-up", I was scared to tell my boyfriend and parents for fear of rejection and disappointment. Growing up a Christian, I was in a circumstance that I ought not be in. I felt guilty, dirty and ashamed of my no longer concealable sin. Strangely enough, I also admittedly was excited which sounds crazy, right? I knew their was new life growing inside me and that I had the opportunity to unconditionally love and care for this tiny little human whether accepted or not by my boyfriend and family. My boyfriend immediately stepped up to the plate and became my husband and our families did not hate us as I had feared.

The first couple years were extremely difficult; financially and emotionally (in reality we were still "kids" ourselves) but thankfully we had each other and a roof over our heads. Early into parenthood, I realized my need to surrender my guilt and shame to Jesus and give him back control of my life that I had so young and dumbly decided I wanted to "drive." Jump forward 15+ years, we have three beautiful children and God has abundantly blessed our lives and family... I know however, that our story isn't the typical story. I'm not even sure there is a typical story anymore. A lot of people finish school, get married, have children. Some people choose not to have or can't have children. Some foster, some adopt, some are single, some are married, some have family to lean on and some do not, some choose other paths all together and yet others... there are others that have nothing.

The So Big Mountain House is a maternity home for expectant women in need, meaning they are pregnant and lack a stable home environment. I can relate to the feelings of being young and scared, but I can't relate to the fact that they have nothing or anyone there for them, aside from Jesus whom they may not even know (or like me have feelings of being unworthy.) I want women in this situation to know his love, compassion and grace. I want them to break free from the chains of guilt and being labeled "unclean." I want them to have hope and know they and their unborn babies are precious, that God created them and they are each uniquely HIS masterpiece. The Mountain House is a place where expectant women in need can find all of those things, if they are willing.

I'm not saying the order in which we started our family was right or condoning that kind of behavior, but the feelings and fears I went trough has given me an empathetic soft spot for ministering to young expectant women. So you see, Poppy and Plaid Boutique gives back to So Big, to tear down barriers and give Hope, Compassion, and Love to expectant women in need... women who need to know the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and that they and their unborn child are precious, valuable and worthy of His gift of grace and new life!

Thursday, March 1st the town of Whitestown, IN held a ribbon cutting ceremony for So Big and the doors are officially open! So Big is currently accepting applications for residency. If you or anyone you know could benefit from the So Big Mountain House Maternity Home, please reach out to them. You can read more about So Big and how you can get involved through the website:

As you are shopping online with Poppy and Plaid Boutique, you can know that you are also helping to share hope, compassion and love with others!

Many Blessings,


YOU are God's masterpiece! Eph 2:10

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